Coaches for Inclusion

Our mission is to empower every manager in the workplace to become a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) champion by providing them with the tools, strategies, and personal transformation methodology to support their goals and strengthen their capacity to lead.

WHY Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)?

Today’s managers face uncertainty, complexity, change and challenges that are exponentially greater than anything they faced in the past. Managers are not sure how to navigate through the complexities of racial and social dynamics on their teams. The demographic shifts and the increased focus on DEIB has further accelerated the expectations for managers to have the skills to nurture inclusion and belonging on their teams. Coaches for Inclusion is your partner in enabling sustained behavioral change, greater empathy, and curiosity to learn from and navigate through the differences on the team. CFI can help you build a better future that is fair and equitable for all

Leaders who have experienced Coaches for Inclusion highlight the following results:

Heightened Self-awareness

Stronger ability to lead diverse teams

More effective and deeper relationships

Enhanced understanding of lived experiences

Increased level of confidence to navigate through difficult DEIB moments

How we do it.

We start with a thorough assessment of a client’s strengths and opportunities to advance their personal DEIB journey. Once these areas are identified, a personalized action plan is constructed with focused objectives and strategies. These strategies are then implemented through coaching sessions to achieve the client’s objectives.